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After Arriving in the u.s.


Understanding Your I-94

The I-94 record is a form issued by the Department of Homeland Security to all non-U.S. citizens when they are admitted to the United States. This record is used to verify the visa status that was given to a traveler upon entry.  

Travelers can find their I-94 record online one day after entry into the United States at this website

A sample I-94 looks like this:

Sample from uscis

In addition to the admission date, the I-94 lists the class of admission (type of visa), and the date that the traveler is admitted until. For J-1 visa holders, this date should be listed as “D/S”, which stands for duration of status. This means that there is no specific expiration date for the visa status and scholars are allowed to remain in the U.S. until they have completed their exchange visitor program.

It is important to keep a copy of your I-94 document as proof of the visa status that you were admitted to when you entered the U.S. This document may be required when applying for additional immigration benefits or a change of status to another visa type.

Your I-94 document is also required to complete your J-1 Scholar “check-in” – more details on checking in can be found below under "Reporting". 

If you are having trouble obtaining a copy of your I-94 or see an error in your record, please contact the J-1 Scholar Team at


Arrival, Reporting, and Orientation

Arrival and Reporting

After your arrival to the University of Utah, J-1 Exchange Visitors (EV) must report or “check-in” with International Student Scholars Services (ISSS) by completing the Report Your Arrival E-form using the UATLAS LOGIN portal also found at EVs should refer to instructions provided with your ISSS welcome packet. Timely reporting is required for SEVIS validation and to receive more details about the J-1 Scholar Orientation.  If you have questions, please email

You must report to the ISSS office as soon as possible upon arrival, but no later than 30 days of the begin date listed on your DS-2019. Failure to do so could result in an invalidation of your J-1 status.  The following items are required for reporting to the ISSS office:

  • Copy of your DS-2019, with the signature from the U.S. Consulate or Embassy
  • Copy of your I-94 record (Arrival/Departure document)
  • Copy of the visa page from your passport that includes the “D/S J-1 stamp”
  • Completed and signed Health Insurance Compliance Form  
  • Current contact information – U.S. phone number and physical residential address in the U.S.


Attendance at a scholar orientation is highly encouraged so you can best understand how to maintain your legal status and learn about the regulations of your Exchange Visitor Program.

  • Receive information about the services and resources provides by ISSS, learn who the J-1 scholar advisors are, and how to contact them for an appointment
  • Health Insurance requirements
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor rules and regulations, including:
    • International travel
    • The 12 and 24-month bar
    • The Two Year Home Residency Requirement 212(e)
    • Restrictions on incidental employment and incidental study while here as an Exchange Visitor scholar
    • J-2 dependent employment options and application procedures
  • Things to do in Salt Lake City and the state of Utah
  • Recreational and cultural opportunities that are unique to anywhere in the world
  • Public transportation
  • Obtaining a Utah driver’s license
  • Obtaining a Social Security card
  • U.S. banking information and options  
  • Information on our Sprintax webpage, our hub for all things taxes in the U.S. 
  • And more!

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Orientation is currently being held via Zoom. Registration, dates, times, and further details can be found  under the "Events" section of your UAtlas portal. More information will also be given in the Report Your Arrival E-form. 


Last Updated: 6/2/21