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What is Fulbright?

The Fulbright program offers merit-based grants to US noncitizens to pursue research and study in the US. Grantees engage in a wide range of educational activities, including delivering university lectures and conducting innovative research.

Fulbright at the U

The U has welcomed and hosted over 115 international Fulbright Students and scholars for over 25 years.  

We want to educate the University community about Fulbright, foster connections between Fulbright sponsor programs and academic departments, and provide tuition support for departments seeking to host their own Fulbright students & scholars.

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Faculty/Academic Departments

Interested in hosting a Fulbright scholar or student?

Fulbright Partners

For comprehensive information on the various opportunities available to Fulbright grantees at the University of Utah, we encourage you to explore our extensive library of degree programs and contacts. 

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The Fulbright Scholarship

The University of Utah offers a prestigious  50% tuition waiver exclusively for incoming Fulbright grantees participating in the FFSP and FLTA  

Last Updated: 3/26/24