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About the Scholarship

The ISSS Scholarship provides tuition relief to those who are experiencing unexpected economic hardship. The scholarship is available at any time, however can only be requested during the current semester. The scholarship is not applicable toward future semesters, nor can it be retroactively applied to previous semesters. Amount of the scholarship will be based on demonstrated financial need. Students must have attended at least 2 semesters at the University before they can apply for the scholarship. Scholarship should not be planned for and is designed to help students that are facing unexpected financial hardship.

Scholarship Qualifications

  • Students must have attended at least one academic year prior to application.
  • Cumulative GPA at the University of Utah must be 2.5 or higher
  • Students must be on an F-1 or J-1 student visa
  • Students are required to show proof of financial need related to tuition and educational costs
  • Students must be full-time during the semester they apply
  • Student cannot be sponsored by a government agency, academic department or other entity during the semester
Last Updated: 2/20/24