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Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni: Mohammed Aiman Arashid

ISSS recently launched an International Alumni Survey to connect with international alumni from all over the world, discover the amazing things they’ve accomplished since finishing their degree, and gather their advice to incoming international students about how to have a successful and enjoyable experience at the U. 

muhammed aiman arashid

Today we introduce you to Muhammad Aiman Arashid, a 2018 graduate from Malaysia. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and now works as a lab technician at US Magnesium. In the fall of 2021, Arashid will head back to the U to begin his master’s studies in Occupational Health with an emphasis in Industrial Hygiene. Read on to learn more about his experience. 


Why did you choose to study at the University of Utah?

The University of Utah chemistry program ranks in Top 100 Chemistry Schools in the United States. The U also is located in the heart of Salt Lake City which is beautiful and is my favorite place in Utah.


How did your experience at the University of Utah help prepare you for your future career goals?

muhammad aiman arashidThe University of Utah have shaped me to become a well-rounded person by providing a balance between studies and social life through variety of classes and social events. My time at the U of U Chemistry Department also helped me so much by giving me early exposure of a lot of instruments that I am using right now in the chemical industry.

The U held multiple career fairs every year which help me to put myself out there to employers even when I was still a freshman. Those experiences of being able to meet the recruiters every year is so valuable to me especially during job interviews. I was able to improve my communication and build confidence in myself.


Did you have a mentor, teacher or other staff member at the University of Utah who inspired you?

I look up very much to Dr. Peter B. Armentrout. He is the Henry Eyring Presidential Endowed Chair of Chemistry. I look up to him because he is a person who is very successful in his career, takes care of his health and is a very humble, kind person who always helps others. Dr. Armentrout has always encouraged me to keep going even though I was having a hard time during my studies. My time working under his research group also increased my knowledge, gave me experiences in using new instruments and allowed me to see what a graduate student life is like as I got to work with them.


What is one thing you learned at the University of Utah that you will never forget?

That you should never ever gave up on yourself. There is always a solution or alternative and you just have to look for it. Let people know that you need help and there will be someone out there who is ready and willing to help.


What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing your professional career?

muhammad aiman arashid

Experience is the key. Keep learning and take the chance to use all the laboratory instruments available during your studies. Internship experience will also help you to prepare yourself for the chemical industry since you get to know first-hand the importance of accuracy of laboratory results in real life. It matters to the point that it could affect someone's life if it is done wrong.


What was your favorite class at the U of U, and why?

Expository Wrtg for EAS (EAS 1060). I got to meet all other international students from all over the world and the class improved my writing significantly thanks to Melissa who is an amazing teacher.


What was your favorite place you visited in Utah, and why?

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort. I got the chills every time I started at the top of mountain route before snowboarding. The view is always breathtaking and snowboarding is exhilarating.




Are you a former international student at the U? Click here to fill out the International Alumni Survey, and ISSS could feature your alumni story on their website, newsletters, and social media!

Last Updated: 6/9/21