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Sponsored Student Program (SSP)

sponsored student program

The Sponsored Student Program (SSP) facilitates admission, arrival, orientation, and immigration documentation of students sent to the University of Utah by Financial Sponsors including but not limited to foreign governments, international aid or non-profit organizations, and corporate sponsors. SSP functions as liaison between Sponsors, the University of Utah, and the sponsored students applying to or enrolled at the University of Utah.

It is the role of SSP to promote an increase enrollment and attendance of sponsored students the University of Utah through networking, communication, facilitation, and services to sponsors as well as to other University of Utah offices and departments.

SSP Services

Sponsors as well as University of Utah offices and departments can rely on the SSP coordinator to be a facilitator and communicator in the following areas:

  • Initiating contact between potential sponsors and the University of Utah
  • Initiating the admissions process and follow-up for sponsors and University alike
  • Clarifying the processes involved in enrolling students with the University
  • Assisting in the third party billing process
  • Acting as primary contact for sponsors and sponsored students regarding issues prior, during, and after enrollment
  • Coordinating housing and meal plan accommodations
  • Establishing a long-lasting, mutually beneficial program for sponsors wishing to send students to the University of Utah

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Any organization, company, or government that dispenses funds to financially support select students while they pursue their higher education can be referred to as a Sponsor. Some reasons for sponsoring a student for higher education can be individual contribute to the sponsor’s mission, for the greater good of the student’s home country or community, or for potential placement as a future employee of the Sponsor.

List of Sponsors

Sponsors currently working with the Sponsored Student Program of the University of Utah

Embassies / Higher Education Ministries J-1 Non-Matriculated Programs
  • Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission
  • Kuwait Cultural Office
  • Turkey (Embassy and Higher Education Ministry)
  • United Arab Emirates (Embassy and Higher Education Ministry)
  • President's Scholarship Office, United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnamese Embassy
  • The Royal Thai Embassy
  • Qatar (Higher Education Ministry)
  • Doshisha University, Japan
  • Japan Study Abroad Foundation (JSAF)
  • Study Abroad Foundation (SAF)
  • Ministry of Education, Taiwan
  • World Learning, US Department of State/USAID

Other Sponsoring Entities

Qatar Petroleum Company, Qatar Gas, Civil Aviation Authorities (Qatar), PETRONAS (Malaysia), MARA (Malaysia), ADIA (UAE),Mongolia (Rio Tinto), Brail Science Without Borders (IIE), Capes (IIE), Muskie Fellowship – Administered by International, Research & Exchange Board (IREX), CONICYT-Fulbright, LASPAU-Fulbright, Institute for International Education (IIE), America-Middle East Educational and Training Services–Fulbright (AMIDEAST), CONACYT (Mexican National Council for Science and Technology), ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company), Libyan North American Scholarship Program (CBIE)

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Admission Info

Admissions Requirements

International students are considered for admissions to the University on the same basis as domestic students; that is, they must be academically qualified.

Students who are considered for admission must have graduated or will graduate higher/secondary school with satisfactory grades and be eligible for admission to a major university in their home country.

In addition, proof of English proficiency is required. The University requires a minimum TOEFL score of 550/173 (paper based) or 80(Internet based test). The minimum IELTS score is 6.5 for undergraduate admissions. For more information on how to enter the University of Utah with different language proficiencies, please check with the Sponsored Student Coordinator.

The University does not require an entrance examination from students graduating from higher/secondary school outside the U.S.

International students graduating from a U.S. high school must meet the same admission requirements as regular freshman applicants.

For further information, see International Admissions information from the Office of Admissions.


English Language Requirement

A sponsored student can find placement at the University of Utah in different ways. The key is to understand the language requirements and the procedures linked to different language abilities of the student:

  • If a student has passed our language requirement of a score of 550 TOEFL (pBT) or (80 iBT) or minimum band score of 6.5 or better on the IELTS, and fulfills all other admissions requirements, then the student will enter the U of U directly.
  • If a student has no English language background, or cannot take the TOEFL test in his/her home country, then the best way to get started is with our English Language Institute.

The English Language Institute at the University of Utah is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) for the period August 2017 through August 2027 and agrees to uphold the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions. For more information, please visit The English Language Institute issues its own visa document (I-20). The Bridge Course follow link then scroll down) guarantees admission to The University of Utah upon successful completion of the Bridge Course provided all other admission requirements are met.

As part of the services offered, sponsors can contact the Sponsored Student Coordinator directly and discuss the best options for each of their prospective student entering the U.

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Contact Us

jessica schlotfeldt

Jessica Schlotfeldt Coordinator, Sponsored Student Programs

Coordinator, Sponsored Student Program-Assisting sponsoring agencies and their students with all aspects of their University of Utah experience.

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SSP Spotlight

Quick Background of Myself

Nurul Shazana

Name: Nurul Shazana Mohammad Jamaal
Family: I’m the eldest out of 4 siblings.
Hometown: Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia (Ampang is the city and Selangor is the State)
Previou High School: MARA College Banting
Major: Geophysics
Current Status in University of Utah: Sophomore in FALL 2011
Interest: meeting new friends, volunteer for various events to gain experience, reading, traveling, and collecting coins.

Why I choose Utah?

First of all, University of Utah is amongst the top university in the field of Geosciences, and it is my honor to have the opportunity to study in this university. Another reason why I choose Utah is that I came to discovered that there were no other sponsored Malaysian students in Utah for quite a while. So my friends and I decided to take up the challenge of becoming the pioneers once more in representing students from Malaysia, studying in Utah. Plus, I found out that Utah has so many snows and that Utah even more of a perfect choice for me.

How I feel my experience has been so far?

So far, my stay and study experiences here has been amazing. I love every single minute of my journey here in Utah. I get to experience a whole different culture, food, weather and I am fortunate for the opportunity. There is no doubt that I love the snow here and the stunning mountainous scenery. My first impression of University of Utah is that it is one of the biggest campuses I had ever seen. This University is fully equipped with all the students’ need like the bus shuttle services.

The International Student and Scholar Services office is also very helpful in helping my friends and I adjusting to a new place when we first arrived here. Our teachers and advisors are friendly and helpful too. Basically, everyone here in Utah has made us feel very welcome and I met a lot of amazing friends. There are a lot of things to do on campus like visiting the Natural History Museum, volunteering at a LEGO event for example, and doing activities with other international students. Hence there is never a single, dull moment of my stay here yet as I get to balance my study with some adventure of my own, like hiking the mountain, indulge in the historical culture of Utah, and much more. Overall, University of Utah and Utah has been an amazing experience yet and I cannot wait to see what else this wonderful place has to offer in the future.

Yours sincerely,
Nurul Shazana Mohammad Jamaal top

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Last Updated: 5/9/18