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Registering for Classes

Student assists with registration.International students register for classes.Registration for classes at Welcome Week.

Academic Advising

There are two main sources of Academic Advising at the University of Utah:  University College (General) Advising and Departmental (Major) Advising.

All new undergraduate students are admitted as a pre-major or undeclared major until they are accepted into a specific degree-granting department, program or college of the University.   All pre-majors should see their Departmental Advisor for information specific to that major, minor, or program.  For major exploration and general University requirements, students should see a University College advisor.

University College Advisors will:

  • Help you explore majors and introduce you to admission requirements for majors
  • Explain University Graduation Requirements:  General Education and University Bachelor’s Degree requirements
  • Answer questions about transfer work and how it applies to General Education
  • Explain how to generate and read a Degree Audit ( My Degree Dashboard)
  • Explain University policies and procedures such as add, drop and withdrawal from classes.
  • Help you make connections to other departments and agencies on campus which can be helpful to you

In addition to general university advising through University College Advising, all undergraduate students should contact the Departmental Adviser in their major department to discuss departmental requirements.

Departmental Advisors will:

  • Explain requirements for that major, minor, or program
  • Help you plan those courses and review your progress toward graduation
  • Declare you in the major once admission requirements, if any, have been met
  • Answer questions about transfer work and how it applies to that specific major

Provide information on opportunities or extracurricular activities related to your major or program

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Graduate Students

Graduate students should contact the Graduate Adviser in their major department to discuss their program of study.

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Class Schedule and General Catalog

Check the Class Schedule and General Catalog for a list of all classes taught during each semester Listed in the class schedule are: The class title, class number, days taught, time and location, instructor, and credit hours assigned, among other things.

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Register On-Line

You will have the opportunity to get help registering for classes during Orientation/International Welcome Week. You should plan to meet with an adviser during International Welcome Week to discuss your class schedule.

The Office of New Student Orientation provides a guide (pdf) to registering online. You can also register on-line through Campus Information Services.

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Academic Calendar

Be sure and familiarize yourself with the Academic Calendar each semester. Here you will find deadlines, registration dates, the last day you can withdraw from a class, the last day you can drop a class, and other important information.

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Last Updated: 12/14/16