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Before you Arrive

Salt Lake City

Sign up for International Student Orientation

All new international students must participate in International Student Orientation which consists of required and optional events designed to help your transition to life at the U of U. For a complete list of events and to sign up, please go to the Orientation page and choose the Sign up for International Student Orientation link.



You will need your uNID ā€“ University Identification Number, when you register for International Student Orientation and Online Orientation. You were assigned your uNID when you were accepted to the University; you may find this number, temporary password, and instructions on the Admissions Statement mailed to you from the International Admissions Office.

UMail Account

You were also assigned a UMail account when you were accepted to the University. Your Acceptance Letter contains information about your UMail account and how to access and use UMail. UMail is the official form of communication at the University of Utah. It is the account used by The International Center to send you important information and reminders, it is important to check your UMail account. If you have questions about your UMail account, please contact: University Information Technology at:


UCard is your official University of Utah identification card and is issued to you after you arrive on campus and have registered for classes. The UCard is used for library and laboratory access, access to public transportation such as the bus and light rail system (TRAX) and other campus activities. Together your UCard and uNID are your official student identification.


What to Bring

Casual clothing including Levi'sĀ® are pretty much what everyone wears. However, you may wish to bring more formal clothing for special occasions.
Consider bringing personal items which may be hard or expensive to replace such as eyeglasses, contact lenses, cameras, watches, and computer.
There are many shopping opportunities close to the U of U, so you may wish to purchase items after you arrive. Also, you will have an opportunity to shop during orientation.

Arriving in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City International Airport
Located west of the city, the Salt Lake City International Airport is about 12 kilometers (7 miles) from the University Campus, located in the north east part of the city. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the University Campus from the airport.

Transportation to the University

Airport TRAX Line
A train leaves the Airport for the city center every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 20 minutes on weekends. Bus service will be limited on weekdays and no bus service is available on weekends and holidays. Check with UTA for the 453 and 454 routes.

Shuttle Service
There are several shuttle services available at the airport. One that is frequently used is Express Shuttle (Xpress Shuttle). Xpress Shuttle recommends you call at least 24 hours prior to your arrival time. Call 800-397-0773 or visit Xpress Shuttle.

Taxis are available curb side at the Airport, check the Taxi Kiosk. It will take you about 30 minutes from the airport to campus. If you bring a lot of luggage with you, a taxi is recommended.

Student Groups

Some students groups may be available to pick you up at the airport. Please contact the student organization directly well in advance of your pick up date. Also check their web site to see if they have airport pickup information.

Weather in Salt Lake City

There are four distinct seasons; temperatures vary from season to season.





Spring begins as early as March and continues until June. Spring in Salt Lake means mild temperatures, blooming flowers and green grass. Put away the heavy coat and enjoy the mild weather.

Summer can be very hot, especially in July and August. There is a lot to do in summer, such as outdoor concerts and going to the mountains for picnics and hiking. You may want to travel to Southern Utah to see the spectacular National Parks

School begins in August which is the end of summer. You will find very warm days, so light clothing is recommended. Sweaters and jackets are recommended for the cooler evenings which generally start in September. There will be lots to do with the beginning of school, but you will also want to take the time to get acquainted with Salt Lake City

Winter starts with the first snow, usually in November through February. Heavy snow in the mountains can create wonderful skiing. It does snow in the valley as well, so warm clothing, boots, gloves are a must.

Housing Resources

As a student or scholar at the University of Utah, you may choose to live either on-campus or off-campus. Our ā€œFinding Housing in Utahā€ page is an excellent place to find information and resources about:

  • Applying for on-campus housing
  • Finding an apartment or room to rent off-campus
  • Finding a roommate
  • Your rights as a tenant in Utah

 Be sure to review this important information before you begin your housing search!

Last Updated: 8/1/18