On-Campus and Off-Campus Employment

***This employment information pertains to students with F-1 Visa Student Status

On-Campus Employment

International Students are permitted to work on campus up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full time (40 hours per week) during a vacation semester and during breaks between semesters. Students must maintain legal status as set forth in USCIS regulations in order to be eligible for on campus work. Make sure to check with the International Student and Scholar Services office before seeking employment.

On campus jobs offer flexible schedules and hours, which may be conveniently near your classes and can offer real job skills. Search for on-campus jobs.

Although these hours satisfy Immigration regulations, some academic programs have restrictions on the hours students can work. For example, students who are receiving a tuition benefit from the Graduate School are limited to no more than 20 hours of employment. Please talk to your department before accepting any employment.

Application Procedures

  • Bring your I-20 form to the International Student and Scholar Services office (410 Union) to apply for a work authorization letter. You may pick up the letter after one week.
  • Take the work authorization letter to your on-campus employer and complete an I-9 form for the Human Resources Department so they may enter your information on the payroll system.
  • Keep up your full-time student status and make sure your I-20 does not expire. The Human Resources Department will check on your status several times a year; if you are not maintaining full-time student status, your employer will terminate your employment.

If you are registered full time and have checked in with International Student and Scholar Services, you may apply for an on-campus work authorization letter up to 30 days before the beginning of your first semester. Please note that you will not be legal to work until you have completed your check-in and have been activated in the SEVIS system by International Student and Scholar Services.

Students in F-1 status do not qualify for work-study jobs on campus.

If you are transferring schools, discontinue working at your old school and do not work at your new school until you have a new work authorization letter from your new school and your transfer completed I-20 has been processed.

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Off-Campus Employment Based on Economic Hardship

For students who have suffered substantial and unexpected financial hardships after arriving at the University, off-campus employment based on Economic Hardship may be an option.

  • To be eligible, you must maintain full-time student status.
  • Employment is granted in one-year intervals up to your expected graduation date.
  • This program allows off-campus employment for 20 hours while taking classes, or 40 hours during vacation periods and University breaks.
  • You may not begin employment until you receive an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card from the USCIS. Please note that this option of employment is rarely granted by USCIS. It requires very detailed documentation and careful review by USCIS officials.

Details and procedures are available in the Handout Economic Hardship 06-28-09 (PDF).

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