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2015 Scholarship Recipients

Huy Doan

Huy DoanMy name is Huy Doan. This fall semester, I will be a junior majoring in Biology. I love traveling around the world and particularly visiting all the amazing places with beautiful sightseeing, good restaurants and diverse culture. I also love cooking and creating new dishes of my own style, even though I do not cook very well. So far my best dish is “Dry Noodles with Fried Steak”. About my personality, I start out quiet, but when I get to know people well, I become a lot more sarcastic. I believe making fun of my friends and showing my interest in talking to them is the best way to connect with people around me better. I am passionate about science and especially within the biology field. I also have a passion for teaching and helping other students. This has influenced me to develop a strong academic background in order to become a teaching assistant (TA) in Principle of Biology class and an ASUU tutor. More...

Yuji Chen

Yuji ChenYuji started volunteering her sophomore year and is now the Co-chair for Bennion Center Service Corps and is grateful for the opportunity to be a leader. She is passionate about serving and has found that it is through serving that helps her connect with others. One of her hopes is to create a collaboration between International Student and Scholar Services with the Bennion Center. She hopes to encourage more international students to volunteer and pursue other interesting activities. She start as a class tutor at Bryant Middle School and that opportunity has helped her develop leadership skills for her position as Co-chair. Yuji also enjoys surrounding herself in diverse groups and loves multiple cultures. Cuurently, all of her roommates are from difference countries and she loves to learn more about their backgrounds, languages, and food. She enjoys learning, hearing new perspectives and connecting with others.

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