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STEP 3: Online Document Check-In

What is it?

The Online Document Check-In is an online form that all new international students must complete in order to comply with visa regulations. The form will ask for important information like your U.S. address, emergency contact, and scanned copies of your immigration documents. All new students must complete this form by the deadline or you will get a registration hold and your SEVIS record will be automatically terminated.

How to complete the form

  1. Log into UAtlas (red LOGIN button) with your uNID and password you created when you set up your CIS and UMail.
  2. Select Orientation, then Online Document Check-In from the left menu.
  3. Start with the Introduction section, and move through each section of the form.
  4. You may not have some of the requested information yet, such as your U.S. address or most recent I-94. You can skip these sections for now, but you must log back in and complete them before the deadline.
  5. Your form will be reviewed, and we will contact you if there is any missing information.

The deadline for incoming Summer 2020 students to complete the Online Document Check-In is June 11, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact



Last Updated: 6/2/21