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E-Form Processing for F-1 Students

All E-Form applications must be submitted to International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) using our online paperless system called iStart. An E-Form is an electronic application accessed through iStart to request a benefit, such as a vacation semester, work authorization letter, or OPT.

Once all steps are completed in the application process, ISSS will conduct its review and approve or deny your request.

If APPROVED, you will receive an e-mail to pick up the final document, such as a letter or an I-20
If DENIED, you will receive an e-mail explaining the reason for the denial OR a request for additional information for further consideration

List of E-Form Application Requests:

Please allow ONE week for processing:

  • Address Updates
  • On-Campus Work Authorization (Letter)
  • On-Campus Early Work Authorization (Letter)
  • Permission to Attend Another School (Letter)
  • Sponsored Student – SACM (Letter)
  • Visa Support (Letter)

Please allow TWO weeks for processing:

Please note: For requests that require a recommendation from a department advisor, two weeks is calculated from the time your advisor submits the recommendation to ISSS.

  • CPT (Curricular Practical Training)
  • I-20 (F2 Dependent Application)
  • I-20 (Change of Funding)
  • I-20 (Change of Major)
  • 1-20 (Program Extension)
  • I-20 (Reprint for Lost, Stolen, or Travel)
  • International Fee Refund (For Students no longer in F or J Status)
  • Last Semester Notification (Informing ISSS of your Final or Graduation Semester)
  • OPT (Post-Completion Optional Practical Training)
  • OPT (Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training)
  • OPT (Employment Update)
  • OPT (STEM Extension)
  • OPT (Cap-Gap I-20 for those with a Pending H-1b Petition to USCIS)
  • Reinstatement Request
  • SEVIS Closure (Authorized Early Withdrawal)
  • Transfer-Out Request (Requesting a Transfer to a New School)
  • Vacation Semester (Requesting a Break or Less than Full Time Study)


  • Please make sure that you understand the policy of the request that you are making. For example, if you are requesting a vacation semester, make sure you understand the vacation policy - we have provided links to a PDF of each policy for your convenience
  • We do not accept requests for expedited processing, so plan accordingly
Last Updated: 6/24/19