Before You Arrive

The DS-2019

Once you receive the DS-2019 and other documents, please review carefully to acquaint yourself with the program and all the regulations inherit in the program as well as University of Utah rules and regulations. Also, please check your DS-2019 for any errors and report them immediately to The International Center.

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SEVIS – The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System

SEVIS is the internet based tracking and monitoring system of the Department of Homeland Security which tracks and monitors all international visitors to the U.S.

  • Before your visa interview, Exchange Visitors must pay the $180.00* SEVIS fee.
  • You can file electronically at using the I-901 form.
  • You should print the receipt as proof of payment.
  • For further information check with SEVIS.

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Visa Interview

Exchange Visitors must make an appointment with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate Office so the consular officer can review their DS-2019 and supporting documents before granting visa approval.

Exchange Visitors should check with the Consular Office for information on the documents they should bring with them to their interview.

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Making Travel Arrangements

Once you have your J-1 visa, you may make travel arrangements to the Salt Lake City International Airport. You may be refused entry into the U.S. if you arrive more than 30 days before the start of your programs listed on your DS-2019.

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Port of Entry

  • Exchange visitors may by admitted to the U.S. not more than 30 days prior to the program start date of their DS-2019.
  • Exchange Visitors should always carry important documents with them, rather than in their luggage to avoid delays if their luggage is lost or delayed.
  • Exchange Visitors should carry these documents with them:
    • Passport
    • DS-2019
    • Receipt verifying SEVIS payment
    • Evidence of financial resources
    • Evidence of Exchange Visitor Status
    • Name and contact information of the Responsible Officer (RO or ARO) at The University of Utah.

Like all entering visitors, Exchange Visitors will be asked to state the reason they wish to enter the U.S., and information about their final destination.

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