Incidental Employment for Researchers
and Professors


Incidental employment is work for any employer other than the sponsor named on your DS-2019.

Professors and research scholars may engage in occasional lectures and short-term consultations with the approval of their Department Head or Supervisor and the approval of the Responsible Officer (RO) or Alternative Responsible Officer (ARO) in The International Center. The ARO must evaluate the proposed employment in terms of the program objectives and individual circumstances. Then the ARO will decide whether the employment is appropriate.

The incidental employment must meet the following criteria:

  • Employment must be directly related to the objective of the exchange visitor’s program.
  • Employment must not interrupt the exchange visitor 's original objective.
  • Employment must be incidental to the exchange visitor's primary program activities.
  • Employment must not delay the completion date of the exchange visitor’s program.

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To be considered for Incidental Employment, Exchange Visitors need a letter from their proposed employer and a letter from the department head or supervisor.

The letter from the proposed employer needs to describe the terms and conditions of the offer of incidental employment, including:

  • Duration.
  • Number of hours.
  • Field or subject.
  • Amount of compensation.
  • Description of activity.

The letter from the department head or supervisor should include:

  • Refer to the prospective employer’s letter.
  • Confirm the employment is directly related to the principal activity.
  • Confirm that the employment is incidental to the program.
  • Confirm that the employment will not delay completion of the program.
  • Explain how the proposed activity would enhance the Exchange Visitor Program.
  • Recommend approval of the employment.

With these letters, the next step is to obtain final approval from the International Center:

  • Schedule an appointment with an Alternative Responsible Officer in The International Center.
  • Bring the letters from the employer and the Department Head approving the employment.
  • The International Center’s ARO will review the documents and if eligible for incidental employment, will issue a letter authorizing the employment (work authorization).
  • This letter serves as authorization of the employment.

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Work Authorization for Incidental Consultation and Lectures

  • If the employment is a lecture or consultation, you will be working not as an employee of the University of Utah, but as an independent contractor.
  • You will not have a sustained employer-employee relationship with the person or institution paying you and therefore will not complete Form I-9, “Employment Eligibility Verification".
  • Under these circumstances, your work authorization will be the letter you receive from the ARO in The International Center.
  • Make a photocopy of the letter and keep it permanently for your records. The original letter must be given to your employer.

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