Bringing Dependents to the U.S.

We encourage scholars with questions about bringing dependents to campus to discuss their concerns with advisors in The International Center.

Your spouse and/or unmarried children under 21 may accompany you to the U.S. If your dependents are to accompany you to the U.S., please provide the following information so it may be included on your original DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility.

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Country of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Relationship to student
  • Gender

and, providing the above information.

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Financial Responsibility

You will need to provide proof of financial responsibility for each dependent coming to the U.S. Currently, the amount needed for each dependent is $3,000. This amount is in addition to the original amount of $15,600 needed to issue your original DS-2019 Certificate if Eligibility.

Additional expenses to take into account include:

  • Housing and furnishings for you and your dependents
  • Additional food, clothing and medical costs
  • Child care
  • Unexpected emergencies

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You are required to have health insurance for the dependents you bring with you.

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Dependents 18 and older on J-2 visas are not allowed to take college level classes either part-time or full-time during their stay in the U.S. (The exceptions are strictly recreational or vocational classes). If a J-2 dependent wishes to pursue a degree he/she must first obtain J-1 status.

Utah state law requires all children between the ages of 5 through 17 must attend a public school, or private school accredited by the State of Utah.

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Child Care

  • It is a violation of Utah state law to leave children under the age of 12 by themselves; all children under the age of 12 must have adult supervision at all times.
  • Utah state law requires all children between the ages of 5 through 17 to attend a public school, or private school accredited by the State of Utah.
  • Child care may be an issue as there may be little or no support system of families or friends to help with the care of minor children.
  • Day care services are available, but are usually very expensive.
  • For more information, visit: The U of U Child Care Coordinating Office.

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Support Services for Scholars and Dependents

Many support services are available to scholars and their families.

English Assistance

The first to consider is proficiency in the English language. Without sufficient English skills, dependents may feel isolated and encounter difficulties in daily activities such as shopping or answering the phone. Scholars are urged to encourage their dependents to take advantage of available English classes prior to their arrival in the U.S. and to continue improving their English skills once they are in the U.S. The Writing and Language Resource Chart a number of programs available to scholars and their family members.

Other Support Services

The International Student Council (ISC)

The International Women's Association (IWA)

The Cross Culture Club

The Language Exchange Program

The Friendship Family Program

International Clubs

For a complete list of support services sponsored by the International Center and the University of Utah, please visit the International Student Resources page.

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